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Experience historical Bergen from the sea on this 60-minute intimate guided cruise in Bergen's harbors and the City Fjord. See some of the oldest and most relevant historic sites in the city, including the medieval fortress that served as the seat of Norwegian power in the 13th century and the colorful emblematic Bryggen wharf that made the city thrive as a successful trading center. 


Get glimpses of how the city looked like in the old days when you sail past the old wooden warehouses in Skuteviken and Sandviken, and marvel at the luxury residences blossoming on top of skerries at Måseskjæret or springing out from the mountainside at Verftet.


Hard to spot otherwise, you will sail past the WW2 concrete ruins of the U-Boot Bunker Bruno before waving at the locals bathing in the fjord at the historical Nordnes Sjøbad and returning back to the Fish Market and the very heart of Bergen. 


The green meadow between the mountains


Founded  in 1070 by Olav III Kyrre, son of the last Viking King, Harald III Hardruler. The largest and most important city of medieval Norway, a Hanseatic trade center for centuries and a designated UNESCO world heritage city.


Closer to Europe than to Oslo and the East of Norway, Bergen has always been facing the sea, growing on trade routes through the North Sea once roamed by Vikings, Hanseatic merchants and pirates, all of them making their way to Bergen. As one of the Hanseatic League's most important trading centres, Bergen was the largest town in Scandinavia during the late middle ages and early modern period. 

Today, Bergen is Norway's second largest city and has a population of approximately 285,000. Trade and seafaring still play an important part in Bergen’s economy. Industry, tourism, fisheries, oil and gas are other important sectors. 

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